A huge thank you to all of our friends and family that have supported us for the past 4 years at Ringling, and the past year and a half especially while working on this film.  We’re happy to finally share with all of you our graduation film:

"Jinxy Jenkins, Lucky Lou"

-Michelle and Mike

gorgeous short film :)




How to be Alone: A video that changed my life.

This is an amazingly inspirational creative piece.

I honestly just want to say thank you for not erasing my text, just to replace it with yours when this video is so special to me. Thank you so much for not doing that. <3 That was so kind of you.



Big hugs and smooches to baysalt for helping out with colouring a bunch of scenes!  Also to everyone who stopped by the livestreams I did throughout working on this, you guys are the best. *u*

holy cheese this is amazing

5mins later update (I’ve rewatched this like 5 times already):
This makes me want to animate. But I can’t. I have to go to bed so I can crash some animation classes tomorrow. And probably animate there.


The Making of How To Train Your Dragon

The first Dragon movie was quite a wild ride to make- and this making of video is really fun to watch! One of my favorite moment has to be at 21:58 to 23:35 XD

(May edit the link later on)

I’m only 2 minutes in and already loving this video

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3









I suggest all females watch this.

*i suggest all humans watch this.

If you haven’t watched this yet, you really should.

This is a must, girls and boys.

I agree that everyone should watch this. This is one of the few videos on female representation in the media that at least tries to point out that the way females are represented has a negative effect on everyone, not just women. 

I love that this`touches also on how media affects men, but wow. Stereotypes are perpetuated by television more than in reality, and they are so skewed because they have to be provocative or funny or any number of things that aren’t complete or real enough.

This affects not only women and men, but race, gays and lesbians, trans people, all people.

We all struggle against what we are supposed to be, what we are told we should be, and yet when positions in media and PR change, the image doesn’t. Because people get those positions by conforming to that image, and breaking out risks loss.

This is why it is so hard for anyone to be who they really are, because they are so busy being what other’s expect so as not to be harassed for not being what they are supposed to be.

Oh man, Geena Davis. I love her with all -y heart.

All my followers should watch this video

Everyone needs to watch this and see how harmful misrepresentation and perpetuating harmful stereotypes are not just to a minority group, but to everyone.

Only by adapting a new way of thinking, by treating everyone equally, and even eroding gender roles, can we influence our peers and perpetuate something good.

My short film Broken. Created in 2011.

After a year of failed attempts at film festivals and competitions I decided that it’s about time I released it online :)

I’m very proud of Broken. It means a lot to me. I hope everyone enjoys it.


Epic (2013) - First Trailer

this looks soooooo good :)

The Secret of the Stage.

Animation by me, now available online :D