The Vamps - Somebody To You (feat. Demi Lovato)
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somebody to you (feat. demi lovato) || the vamps




This speaks to my soul



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I’m kind in a complex place right now. Last year I used to have so much fun with life, art, class. But now things have changed and I feel like something is missing. If it wasn’t for Next to Normal, I probably wouldn’t keep doing what I love to do. “I Miss the Mountains” is living proof of it. I hope you guys like it. :)

Tegan and Sara & The Lonely Island - Everything Is AWESOME!!! (feat. The Lonely Island)
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Next team assignment I’m on I’m blasting this. All the time. Please let me be team leader. They can’t stop me then.

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So sorry it took forever. The song was originally tenor and had to change the key to fit my voice. Hope you like acapella y’all [download]

urf beautiful <3

Ellie Amaya - Hiccup's Lament
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Today is a good day. For starters, I got my license! And I got the last piece for my condenser mic to work (and right before I leave for Atlanta)! Go me!

Hiccup is sick of being the spare wheel of the group, so he bitches and moans about it to Toothless.

      [download here]

Lyrics (italics are sung; non-italics are spoken):

Oh hey Toothless

Nothing’s wrong bud, it’s just…

I’m always that one guy that always

Getting the shaft for unexplainable reasons

Really it’s no surprise

It’s me they’re avoiding

Is it because I’m not perfect?

Am I just the oddball in the group?

Was I out of line?

Is my voice that annoying?

It always the same I’m always shut out by the others

Jack tricks me, Merida slurs at me, Rapunzel treats me like a weak feather

What’s my life gonna be like if this keeps up

If I stay walking in circles until that circle becomes a rut

Why am I so unlucky

Must I be unblessed

It’s not fair that I should the outcast

I’m sick of being mistreated

So what if I don’t have magic hair

Or ice powers or archery skills

Or a hammer, that would be nice!

But I digress…

I can be just as useful in any fight

Don’t be tricked by my facade

Don’t judge me by my height

I may be a scrawny skeleton

I know I have one leg

But my abilities are still alright

So you see bud, every single day, they always shut me out!

*ugh* don’t give me that look, you know what they do.

They often stride with pride

While I’m just here with the badass dragon

Running around like maniac

Trying to keep up

Ach! A snowball hit my neck!

Oh gods! Rapunzel’s mural! It’s damaged!

And Merida’s bow! It’s crushed!

Why do I always mess up?

Isn’t there someone out there that I can relate

And sometimes I wonder am I just the enemy’s bait?

At this rate I’m on the verge of bashing someone’s brains

As my head is reeling and my heart is sinking through my veins

What do I have to do

To prove myself?

Why am I still the shadow

Of everyone else

Why am I still asking 

These questions that

Someone can’t answer

By themselves?

I still wanna be apart of the group

Can’t you guys see? 

They call us the Big Four

But it seems like the “Big Three”

What kind of thoughts does it take

To wonder about that fastened door

But screw it I’ll find that key

I wanna soar high with pride

Then I’ll throw my arms open wide

And hopefully I’ll see that day

That my cares fly away

As I will be by their side

And just so you know

This is real

This isn’t fantasy

It’s more than a dream

Can’t you see

This is me

I’ll show you all

I’ll show the gods

I’ll show everyone that 

I am against the odds

Somewhere my mother will cry tears of joy

And my Father will look at all I’ve done and say

“That’s My Boy!”

And all my friends at home will be happy to see me

Becoming apart of that hoipolloi

‘Cause I’m glad that I still have air in my lungs

I got whole lot under my belt

After all I’m still young

But even though I’m the shadow

I’ll be a happy shadow

Cause I’m on my way

My journey has begun

So where should I start?


Ellie…! ;u; <3 I have no words! This is so beautiful. So amazing. SO INCREDIBLE PERFECT. The talking parts, the singing - everything is flawless! I’m so happy to hear your voice again, it’s gorgeous as always ;u; And your lyrics… I always end up being inspired by them! Thank you so incredible much for singing this wonderful song, and the way you managed to make it all so… So Hiccup… That’s just wonderful. ;u; <3 One more time: THIS IS NOTHING BUT PURE PERFECTION! ;u; <33333333333

lily sevin - come home elsa
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come home elsa (a FROZEN fansong) — lily sevin

ahhh i cant believe it took this long to make a fansong for frozen!

so this is anna’s point of view, while she’s out looking for elsa in the snow. i remember the first time i saw that part of the movie i thought she was going to burst into song, but she didn’t, so i wrote a song for her! i hope you enjoy it!

you can download this song here!

my other songs (for fandoms like rise of the guardians, tangled, brave, how to train your dragon, etc.) can be found here!

send song suggestions here!


hey elsa it’s anna, you know, your sister

i’m sorry i started that fight

and i know you’re afraid of what the kingdom will say

about the weather?

but i’ve been looking for you all night

and i promise it’s gonna be alright

i hope you’re not cold in that coronation dress

to be honest i’m still wearing mine

and sure it is freezing and the roads are a mess

but i can’t rest until i know that you’re fine

i wont say im not angry 

or that i haven’t cried

but i’ll never stop looking for you

sure this secret’s done damage to my sisterly pride

but i’ll never stop looking for you

so come home elsa

you don’t have to be scared anymore

just come home elsa

and we can be like we were before

and sure it blows that you dont trust me

but somehow i know that you care

so tell me just what you need from me

and in the blink of an eye i’ll be there

so what you ignored me for ages

so what you couldn’t spare a hello

now i know you were just scared and i’ve let that pain go

you’re still a real stinker though

in all those years without you

i built you up in my mind

to be powerful and beautiful and strong

i’ve seen the internal monsters that you’ve had to fight

and let me tell you

i was right all along

so come home elsa

i’m sure the people will all understand

just come home elsa

and i’ll never let go of your hand

and you can bring the sunshine back to our land

you don’t have to hide ever again

so come home elsa


Let It Go - Frozen - Alex Boyé (Africanized Tribal Cover) Ft. One Voice Children’s Choir

wow shivers is right
what the hell

the little hans, sven and kristoff simulacra are great, OMG THEY EVEN HAVE A LITTLE OLAF GIRL AWWW DAMN IT

OMG this is an amazing cover



Beautiful :)

reindeersarebetter - Do You Want to Get off Tumblr
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[Another plausible reason as to why Elsa never left her room: She was too busy giffing Frozen. (Used the karaoke track from here)]


Do you wanna get off tumblr?
Come on let’s go outside!
You’ve been giffing Frozen for a week.
We never speak.
I can tell that it’s a lie.

When I ask you to hang out
And you tell me
That you have a stomachache
Do you wanna get off tumblr?
Oh would you please just get off tumblr
(One more post, Anna!)
Okay bye

Do you wanna get off tumblr?
I haven’t seen you in a year!
Just close your laptop and walk out the door.
It will be like before
If you’d please come out here!
(I’ll cut the wifi!)

It must get really lonely
In an empty room
On your own with just a blog!
Re-blog, re-blog re-blog re-blog

Elsa? I know you’re still in there.
You’re still the person I once knew.
I’m so done trying to get you outside,
But look on the bright side
I signed up too!

We only have each other
And this website too.
Please teach me how to gif.

Will you follow me on tumblr?

aw man I love parody songs that sing about tumblr


Watch the entire “Let It Go” scene from Frozen featuring Idina Menzel performing as Elsa.

OMG can’t wait to see this movie next weekend <3

Lily Allen - Somewhere Only we Know
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Bruno Coulais - Aisling Song
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You must go where I cannot,    You must go where I cannot, 
Pangur Ban Pangur Ban,          Pangur Ban Pangur Ban
Nil sa saol seo ach ceo,            There is nothing in this life but mist,
Is ni bheimid beo,                      And we are not alive,
ach seal beag gearr.                 but for a little short spell.

The Secret of Kells. Beautiful movie with beautiful music.




Welp, I just fell in love.

Paul showed me this earlier and fuck. so much inspo.

I’ve never played League of Legends, but dear god this promo video is amazing. 

I am loving the mix of 2D and 3D animation in this

Ellie Amaya - The Ballad of Merida (Triplet's Bedtime Story)
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oh hey another song that came up right the hell out of nowhere.

I wrote thing song a few months ago, but MUSIC BLOCK!!! WHY?!!!!

Anyways, enjoy.

and yes I maybe added a Jarida innuendo, I’ll be quiet now



Hush-a-bye, dear brothers

I will tell

a tale of truth

A story about my trials

First, I met a young maiden

She was locked up in a tower

She told to me about how her hair

Came from a magical healing flower.

And so we both ran from the tower

We danced in the grass and she braided my hair

Then away we go to the meadows

She sang from her heart

I can hear it flow everywhere

I swear this to you

This tale is fair

Second, I met a viking

But *shhh* don’t tell mum or dad

For he was not a savage or brute

In fact he’s a gentle sweet lad

Cause we soared all the way up the sky

Touching the clouds and riding a dragon

Then he showed the way to the mountains

He showed me the ways

of the dragons and their point of views

I swear this to you

This is all true

And last but not least, I met him

He was young, courageous, and free

His hair reassembled that of snow

But he said soon he had to leave

But yet we still played in the snow

We made a few snowmen and sled through hill

And then fought with the snowballs against ourselves

And then came the time to part ways

And say our goodbyes

I swear this to you

They’re not all lies

I wish they would always come back

But I know I will never see them again

I still yearn for the day they return

And she’ll sing, and he’ll bring his scaly friends

And the boy with the snow, I will see him again

We’ll dance and we’ll fly, and we’ll play until we fall.

And that’s my tale my brothers

The time comes now to dream

For there’s adventure in store

For you